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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Real Hair Tape in Extensions

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Real Hair Tape in Extensions

Many of us would love to have long, luxuriant hair that’s full of volume. Unfortunately, for some of us, Mother Nature had other ideas and so we have to resort to artifice to create the look we want. Enter real hair extensions. They’re a fantastic way to create extra length and volume, and with proper fitting, give a natural look that’s practically indistinguishable from the real thing.

If you’re considering investing in hair extensions, here are 5 reasons why you should try real hair tape in extensions rather than some of the other variants.

More affordable than other types of extensions

If you prefer to use real hair extensions rather than those made from synthetic hair, human hair tape-in extensions are the least expensive semi-permanent option available. There are two costs to extensions: the cost of the extensions themselves and the cost to place them in the hair. With tape-in extensions, you simply tape them into the hair which, in most cases, will take under an hour. Other placement methods such as weaves, fusion and micro bead extensions can take much longer. Additionally, the maintenance costs are also lower than other methods of maintenance.

Low maintenance

Tape-in extensions are much easier to maintain than other types of extensions thanks to their thin construction and 1.5-inch width. You can simply tape them into your hair and forget about them until they need to be moved up to accommodate for natural hair growth. Tape-ins will usually need to be maintained every 10-12 weeks. However, if you buy inferior quality tape-in extensions, you may need to maintain them more often. That’s why we always recommend that you choose high-quality Remy tape-in extensions, such as those available at Hickenbick. They are less likely to shed, mat or tangle.

Minimal damage to your natural hair

Tape-in extensions are more lightweight than other types of extensions, so they won’t pull on your natural hair as much. This means you’re less likely to lose hair (other than through natural shedding) or experience discomfort while wearing them. They are also very easy to remove.

Can be reused multiple times

Quality human hair extensions aren’t cheap and so being able to reuse them several times is a massive benefit. With the right care, it’s possible to reuse tape-in extensions 3-4 times which means you’ll have long, voluminous hair for up to a year.

Invisible and flexible when in place

Real hair tape-in hair extensions are extremely versatile. You can do far more with your hair than you could if you use the clip-in type of extension, for example. Tape-ins can be cut to the style you prefer, coloured, curled, or put into braids and ponytails. You can change your hairstyle to suit your mood and the occasion. The construction of the extensions ensures they’re practically invisible when in place and their flexibility means that you can’t feel them when you wash or brush your hair. They’re less likely to tangle than individual extensions and are much easier to blow dry and style.

Choose real hair tape-in extensions from Hickenbick

If you want hair extensions that look natural, are easy to care for, versatile, require minimal maintenance and won’t break the bank, choose Remy tape-in extensions from Hickenbick. We offer a wide range of lengths and colours and guarantee that all our extensions are made from the highest quality hair, so you can have the luxurious, full hair you’ve always dreamed of.



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