Blonde Hair Extensions

Blonde Human Hair Extensions Ambition – We’ve Got You!

Blonde human hair extensions can transform the way you look dramatically. Blonde hair has been revered around the world for millennia. Blonde is iconic, adorning the heads of some of our most photogenic actresses and models. Blonde is angelic, lighting up the face and giving a beautiful glow to the skin. Blonde is flattering – as women age, blonde gives a youthful look that will turn heads. Blonde comes in a spectrum of shades from rock star platinum to warm golden and ash.

Eye-catching Blonde Real Remy Hair Extensions in the U.K

Hickenbick Hair is the go-to for blonde remy hair extensions in the UK. We have all the tones, lengths, and styles you could dream of! When you have decided you want to transform your beautiful blonde hair, all you need to do is choose your extensions. Pre-bonded Keratin extensions offer extended portability once bonded onto your natural hair. These extensions can be styled using heat tongs and provide great resilience to wear and tear.

Another option is tape-in extensions which provide a rapid method to change your style. Fixed into position by using flat adhesive strips with the newest generation slim, these can be worn for a lengthy period while still looking great.

If you replace the adhesive on the strip, you can re-use your extensions time and time again. We have the full spectrum of blonde tints, so you are sure to find one that gives you the mane of your dreams.

Short On Time, Rich In Style

The fastest method to create an eye-catching new look is to use one of our speedy makeover products. Beauty aficionados should all have ponytail extensions, which give you a girlish, sexy look in minutes. If you want to see how you rock a fringe, try one of our clip-in bangs. Human hair scrunchies also offer an instant bun or hair design so you can change your look instantly. Because our products use Remy hair (which lies in the same direction as your natural hair) the effect is natural and does not knot or tangle.

If you have slightly longer to complete your look you should consider clip-in extensions. Start with clean and dry hair and clip in the extension from the nape of the neck. You can choose a colour to match your own or darker or lighter to create more contrast. An alternative is a weft which can be affixed using glue, clips or microrings. A new alternative technique to sewing the weft into your natural hair is to braid it first and then affix the weft using a hairpin. Voila! A beautiful new you!

If you have a friend on hand or are using a salon, Microring or Microloop extensions might be for you! With no requirement for glue or heat for fixing, these use tiny copper coils to attach the extension to your natural hair. Causing no damage to your existing hair, we have the full range of blonde real hair extensions at a standard 22-inch length.

Embrace your blondeness by choosing our fabulous extensions. We have every colour, style, and length you could dream of!