Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Pre-Bonded Keratin Hair Extensions

Looking for more length and volume? Bonding extensions have been one of the most popular methods worldwide for many years using real human hair. Keratin bonding can be achieved through either heat tongs or the ultrasonic method. Our keratin bonded extensions are so sophisticated that the connection is gentle and does not damage your own hair.

Looking for Keratin Hair Extensions in the UK?

Full, luscious and long hair is a dream for many. Thin, wispy, damaged and short hair can be a major insecurity. Luckily, there’s a way to go from the latter to the former. Hair extensions provide a way to massively boost your confidence and drastically change your appearance. Hickenbick Hair is the number one hair extension specialist born in Switzerland and operation in whole europe, and we’ve expanded to the rest of the world. We have one of the largest selections of keratin hair extensions in the UK, with over 800 products currently available in all imaginable colours, shades and lengths. We provide high-quality products, efficient customer service, fast shipping, and hair extensions that look completely natural. Try our keratin bond remy hair extensions and you’ll never want to go back to your natural hair.

What are Keratin Bonded Remy Hair Extensions?

Keratin bonded remy hair extensions are made out of strands of real and unprocessed hair fastened to your own using tiny beads of keratin. Keratin is what your hair is already made out of, and it’s less visible than glue or tape. Each extension will also always be covered by other sections of hair. This makes for a natural look where your extensions look exactly like your real hair no matter how you wear it, including in an updo like a ponytail. No one will be able to tell it isn’t your real hair. Another neat thing about pre-bonded keratin hair extensions is that you can do everything with them that you can do with your natural hair, including dying, straightening and curling them without causing damage and making them look weird. There’s no end to the looks you can create with extensions like these.

Our 100% Remy Hair Keratin Extensions

Our high-quality hair keratin extensions products are 100% made out of real human hair. You don’t have to worry about an unnatural, artificial look the way you do with synthetic extensions, and you can treat them like you do your own hair in terms of dying and styling. Our hair is some of the finest hair available on the market today, and our advanced technologies help us keep the hair shiny, supple and long-lasting. We use premium quality remy hair, which means the cuticles are intact and have not been stripped. The hair’s natural cuticle direction is maintained in this way. This means it looks natural, lustrous and shiny and feels soft to the touch.

Browse the Our Collection for Keratin Hair Bond Extensions

With over 800 hair extension products in store, like our very popular remy clip-in extensions or ombre human hair extensions. Hickenbick Hair has something for everyone. Our keratin hair bond extensions can be found in all colours and shades to be perfectly matched to your own. If you’re unsure what shade you should get, our team can be consulted over our social media or emails, just send us a picture of your hair in good lighting and we can match you to your perfect colour. We also offer various types of extensions such as curly human hair extensions and the best quality ponytail extensions in the UK, additionally, all our extensions come in different sizes and lengths. This professional-quality hair is long-lasting and can be styled and dyed as you wish. If you dream of longer, fuller hair, browse our selection and pick a set of extensions to end bad hair days for good.