100 days GUARANTEE on your dream hair!

Or we will provide a replacement FREE OF CHARGE.

With the unique extensions guarantee, you can rely on luxurious Hickenbick hair extensions. You don't have to worry when you buy extensions with Hickenbick hair quality. With over 20 years of experience in hair extensions, we know how important good quality hair is to you. We want you to be satisfied with your new extensions. That is our top priority.

Your guarantee: Here's how it works

We make your dream of long, full hair possible without any worries about hair quality. 

With a lot of passion we want to develop the best extension products for you. The processing of raw hair into gorgeous extensions requires a lot of expertise: State-of-the-art technologies are responsible for our professional, highest quality, 100% human hair Remy extensions.

Take advantage of our extensions guarantee and benefit from free replacement if the extensions hair quality is not up to scratch within 100 days.

Once you have purchased your Hickenbick extensions together with our coordinated care products, the guarantee promise is active and starts from the date of purchase.

You can order the care set here.

Prerequisite for healthy extensions

The purchase and use of our extension care set is required for the guarantee to be valid.

The guarantee only works if the products included in the set, such as shampoo, mask, moisturising spray and serum are used.

The moisturising spray and serum must be used daily for permanent extensions and sprayed every time they are worn for non-permanent extensions.

If you apply products that are not from our range, the guarantee is no longer valid. Likewise, you are no longer able to replace the extensions if they have been chemically altered. (Tinting, colouring, bleaching, perming/stretching).

Tinting and colouring the extensions is possible without any problems but if you choose to tint or colour the extensions, the guarantee no longer applies. 

What is covered by the guarantee?

Cases which are unusable or unacceptable due to a defect in material or workmanship are covered.

The guarantee covers problems with joints such as the keratin, the tapes glue or hair clips.

The extensions must not become matted or knotted in the lengths.

Massive hair loss is due to a manufacturing defect and is fully covered by the warranty.

In the event of a warranty claim, please complete the form below. The extensions must be returned in full to Hickenbick Hair for inspection. Only then will the new replacement goods be sent free of charge. 

These cases are not covered:

f the quality is impaired due to improper handling or non-professional application, the guarantee does not apply. Hickenbick Hair accepts no responsibility for improper application and resulting undesirable durability. Natural wear and tear such as hair splitting, hair breakage, dryness, colour fading are excluded from the guarantee. The structure of the wavy and curly extensions will change and is not covered by the guarantee. Allergies to foreign hair and joints are not covered by the guarantee. Hickenbick Hair reserves the right to refuse replacement in the event of improper handling or wilful damage. Claims for replacement are limited to the Hair Extensions products only. Not to the treatment costs.

Warranty rights remain unaffected by the warranty.