Red Clip-In Hair Extensions

Go Red With Our Real Hair Clip In Extensions

If you fancy turning a few heads, you should try our red real hair clip in extensions. The clip in design means these are easy to attach and will give a seamless and natural look. Red is a colour that demands attention, with its connotations of danger and excitement. It’s also incredibly eye-catching as natural redheads are rare. Red can come in many forms from coppery blonde to mahogany and with modern, crazy shades such as pink and fuchsia. Red can be classic, it can be rock and roll, but it can never be forgotten!

Classic Style Red Remy Clip in Hair Extenions

With our red remy clip in hair extensions you are sure to turn heads, as Remy means the hair selected is growing in the same direction as yours ensuring a natural look. We at Hickenbick Hair are the world leaders in remy hair extensions and our quality is unparalleled. For a classic look, we have a range of colours, textures, lengths, and styles to choose from, such as our dark brown clip in hair extensions.

For a tousled look, you could try the curly human hair extension. This comes in five pieces and weighs a healthy 130g, giving 22 inches of length and is available in several colours including a rich mahogany chestnut. For more volume and a luxury look, there is the 8-piece clip in extension which weighs 260g and measures 22 inches in length. This also comes in a range of colours including mahogany chestnut. If you fancy something slightly more modest, the 4-piece could be just the ticket. At a light 125g and a length of 22 inches, the range of colours is the same but gives a more natural, less voluminous look. Ombre is all the rage these days and we at Hickenbick Hair, have a range of styles to choose from. If your heart is set on red (ours is, it’s true), our 3-piece ruby red black to ruby red has your name written on it. At a stunning length of 22 inches, this is beauty at its finest.

Daring Real Red Human Hair Clip in Extensions

Various celebrities have redefined red by sporting innovative shades of red over the last few years which have grabbed the headlines. If you feel like a flash of colour among your own hair colour, we would recommend a remy mini clip. This hair extension measures 18 inches in length and is 2.5cm wide. The array of colours for this product is dazzling – we love them. Choose (if you can!) from dark red, fuschia, purplish pink, purple, red, reddish/violet, and pink. For something a little more prominent our 3-piece clip weighs 70g and comes in at a length of 22 inches. This particular style is available in a wide range of shades including mahogany chestnut, light chestnut mahogany, deep red, and ruby red. If you really want to make a statement, we have a 9-clip piece at two different lengths of 18 inches or 22 inches. You have a fantastic spectrum of colours on offer, but for those with a preference for red, there are mahogany chestnut, light mahogany chestnut, deep red, and copper human hair extensions to choose from such as light copper blonde, and mahogany chestnut/light copper blonde ombre to choose from.

Red is forever, so don’t hesitate to check out our range! For the perfect real red human hair clip in extensions, look no further than Hickenbick Hair!